Paul Sammut is an engineer that's worked in academia specializing in underwater rocket science since 2009. In 2012 he created a hardware startup through Kickstarter which raised $250,000 revenue in its first year. His work spans the vast fields of electronics, software and hardware. Machine vision, FPGAs, brushless motors, HIL, deterministic systems and electronics product design to name a few. He is constantly building and trying to develop more efficient ways of learning from his mistakes. 

Proudest moments so far are:

  • inventing something that people other than my mother said it made their life better
  • creating actuated mechanical control systems with sub 1 thousanth" precision and frequency responses greater than all species of hummingbirds
  • splitting milliseconds while doing complex distributed deterministic data acquisition, command and control with FPGA's and RTOS's
  • getting made fun of on SNL
  • having my project get picked as NPR's innovation of the week
  • starting the love-hate relationship with Solidworks at age 16 with version 2003
  • while running a start-up finally realizing that there are people out there a lot smarter than him, and that his ideas are sometimes not the best
  • starting the love-love relationship with LabVIEW with version 2005
  • owning a CNC machine